Emergency Board Up Fort Lauderdale

In this post, we’ll talk more about why fort lauderdale specifically would be more prone to needing emergency board up. During the last hurricane season, there was quite a scare with a category four storm that happened to curve at the last minute rather than steamrolling through fort lauderdale with its eye. Many people boarded up their windows themselves, but if you didn’t get to the home depot quick enough then it was pretty difficult to come by supplies.

We have a whole page dedicated to our emergency board up services: http://fastglassguys.com/emergency-board-up/

Aside from hurricanes, an emergency board up is usually the prerequisite to glass repair. Unless you’re replacing a cracked window, if your window was smashed from wind or burglary then chances are you need an emergency board up for a day or so unless the glass is a standard size kept in stock by the glass repair company. Call us anytime for help and we’ll be there.