Storefront Glass Door Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Break-ins happen at storefronts from time to time, and the crooks tend to try and get through the glass doors more often than windows because it’s just an easier access point. So storefront glass door repair is something we hope you never need, but if it’s happened to you, we know you just want the glass fixed fast so you can get back to business. Aside from the glass, the door lock and hinges tend to get destroyed in the break-in process as well. Instead of referring you to a locksmith, we can actually fix the lock and the hinges for you so you don’t have to get multiple companies and deal with multiple appointments, we know you just want to get back to business so we make it as easy and fast as possible. Break-ins happen at night so if you show up a few hours before your store is supposed to open and you find your glass door shattered there are a few steps you need to take.

  • Call the police immediately and wait for them to secure the area before you enter. You don’t want to catch a desperate criminal in the act or things can escalate.
  • File a report for any insurance claims.
  • Call Fast Glass Guys for immediate storefront glass door repair.

We’ll get you back to normal super fast. We can even upgrade you to impact glass so you can avoid this problem in the future. Impact glass takes a much longer time to get through. It’s not invulnerable, but it’ll take someone 20 minutes of constant hacking at the window in order to get through and criminals don’t want to spend more than a few seconds trying to get in. If you have an alarm and impact windows, you’ll never have someone break into your storefront or office.


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  1. sal gorge
    sal gorge says:

    Company installed shower doors in our condo, did a fabulous job. also a very large mirror that was difficult to navigate up our steps. They are professional and courteous, aside from being knowledgeable and competitive.The owner “Guy” personally communicates well and returns calls promptly…


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