Window Repair

If you live in South Florida, anywhere from Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton, you’ve probably needed window repair at some point. Especially after Hurricane Irma, there were a lot of businesses and homeowners in need of window repair. Replacing a window is not an easy job, and not one you can do by yourself safely. There are window repair companies here in South Florida located in Fort Lauderdale that serve up to Boca Raton that can replace your window fast and safely. Regardless of how your window broke, we can fix it.


The window repair process is fairly simple.


  • Remove the broken glass.
  • Take measurements and prepare correct size sheet of glass.
  • Repair the frame if necessary, prepare the frame for the new glass.
  • Install the new glass and seal it.


Some sheets of glass for windows can weigh hundreds of pounds. So it’s best to hire a window repair company. Fast Glass Guys is located in Fort Lauderdale and serve as north as Boca Raton. We can replace glass in your home or business, regardless of the size. No matter how the window broke, or into how many pieces, we can repair it by replacing it with new glass. We also manufacture frames in-house, so if your frame is damaged we can keep costs down by doing everything in-house for you.


Check out this video of us installing a window at a commercial location:


We also fix sliding glass doors and mirrors as well:


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